Welcome to Peak Industries, where we are ready to provide quality and affordable services to meet your needs.

Peak Industries is a full service industrial contractor and mechanical Services provider. Peak Industries has a reputation for providing quality services at affordable rates. Peak provides electrical service for the major industries such as automotive, communications, chemical food, pharmaceuticals, textiles, transportation and various other industrial and commercial industries.

Peak Industries can provide quality workers to complete your electrical and mechanical installation or supplement your existing team for preventative maintenance work with a commitment to quality an safety. Peak Industries will find solutions to problems or areas for concern that will save customers time and money. With our high standards and proven commitment to customers, Peak will deliver a service that will completely satisfy customers’ needs.

Peak Industries has set the bar on all your electrical and mechanical needs.

Our team has over 150 years of combined experience in various fields of electrical and mechanical services. This ensures your projects can be safely completed on time and within budget. 

Electrical Services

Our management and senior staff come from a long history of fieldwork and have great knowledge of electrical Services. At Peak Industries, we employ only the most skilled electrical craftsmen, and we are honored to employ some of the finest electricians in the industry. Peak’s Electric Services has what it takes to meet your electrical needs with hundreds of years of experience and industry-standard certifications.  All members of the Peak electrical team comply with NFPA 70E Arc Flash Protection Regulation.  We specialize in control systems, equipment upgrades, rewiring and repairs, hazardous location lighting, networking, plant maintenance, power distribution, and troubleshooting.  Emergency  Services are always available.  Although our electrical services vary, each is considered a specialty and will sustain our high standards and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The electrical services and systems include:

Control Systems

Control Systems Contractor

Control systems include:

Low Voltage Systems

Low Voltage systems include:

Low Voltage Contractor

Power Distribution

Power Distribution

Power Distribution Systems include:

Machinery Installation

Machinery Installation of:

Machinery Installation Project